Predrag K. Nikolic






PhD in Digital Media (Interaction Design), UNIVERSITY OF ARTS IN BELGRADE               


Master of Business Administration (MBA), CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY

MFA in Digital Media (Interface Design), UNIVERSITY OF ARTS IN BELGRADE

Bachelor of Science in Art History, BELGRADE UNIVERSITY


SHANTOU UNIVERSITY, CKAD                                                                       2017 - present
Associate Professor - Interactive Media

EDUCONS UNIVERSITY                                                                                  2012 - 2017
Associate Professor - Interactive Media

MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Cinematic Arts                                    2016 - 2017  Visiting Professor - Digital Media Entrepreneurship and Business Development

DANUBIUS UNIVERSITY                                                                                  May 2017 
Visiting Professor - Digital Communications

UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY MALAYSIA                                                   April 2017 

Visiting Professor - Interaction Design

UNIVERSITY OF BERGEN, Faculty of Fine art, Music and Design                  May 2015
Visiting Professor - Interaction Design

METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY                                                                         2008 - 2012
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Digital Arts - Web Design & Interactive Media

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL                                                        2006 - 2007 Lecturer - Web Design, Multimedia


ARS ELECTRONICA 2018, Linz, Austria
Syntropic Counterpoints Robosophy Philosophy
Interactive Installation Before & Beyond
Interactive Installation InnerBody

SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, Bangkok, Thailand


Robosophy Philosophy: Übermensch and Magnanimous

SINGAPORE SCIENCE CENTRE 2017, Singapore, Singapore


Digital Food


Exhibition: Maison Shanghai, Shanghai China 2016.

- Interactive Installation Vrroom
- Interactive Installation Before & Beyond
- Interactive Installation InnerBody

HONG KONG - SHENZHEN Design Biennale, Shenzhen, China, 2014.
- Interactive Installation ArtMachine: I Universe
- Interactive Installation Ciklosol
KALEMEGDAN FORTRESS 2014, Belgrade Serbia


Interactive Installation InnerBody


Interactive Installation ArtMachine: MindCather Universality


Interactive Installation ArtMachine: MindCather Essentiality


- EAI Transactions on Journal Creative Technologies


- INTETAIN 2019, 11th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Shanghai, China
General Chair

- (MONET) Springer Mobile Networks & Applications, 2019 SPECIAL ISSUE ON Current Challenges of Smart Cities and Internet of Things

Guest Editor

- INTETAIN 2018, 10th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Guimarães, Portugal

Keynote Speaker

- MOBILITYIOT 2018 5th International Conference Mobility IoT 2018, Guimarães, Portugal

Keynote Speaker, Organizing Committee Member, Scientific Board Member

- TECHNARTE 2018 Conference, Los Angeles, USA

Invited Speaker

- The 15th Learning and Sharing Forum on the theme “Enhancing and Effective Student 

Mobility Programme for Asia-Pacific and European Universities”, Galati, Romania.
Keynote Speaker

- The 3rd International Conference on Mobility in IoT (2016), Bratislava, Slovakia.
Keynote Speaker, Session Chair, Organizing and Technical Program Committee Member

- Maison Shanghai (2016), Shanghai, China.
Keynote Speaker

- Breakthrough Festival of Digital Culture (2016), Novi Sad, Serbia
Keynote Speaker, Director of the Festival

- 11th International Conference on European Integration (2016) - Realities and Perspectives, Galati, Romania Keynote speaker

- 2nd International Conference on Mobility in IoT (2015), Rome, Italy. Keynote speaker and Technical Program Committee Member.

- International Conference on Mobility Opportunities in Danube Region (2015), Bratislava, Slovakia. Keynote speaker and Organizing and Technical Program Committee Member.

- Journal of Danubian Studies and Research Advisory Editorial Board Member
- 5th International Conference: The Danube - Axis of European Identity (2015), Novi Sad, Serbia. Keynote Speaker, Organizing Committee Co-Chairs and International Program Committee member.

- International Danube Design Conference (2015), Belgrade, Serbia.
Invited speaker

- 1st International Conference on Mobility in IoT (2014), Rome, Italy.
Invited speaker, Program Committee Member.


Nikolić P.K., Yang H. (2019) Syntropic Counterpoints: Philosophical Content Generated Between Two Artificial Intelligence Clones. In: Cortez P., Magalhães L., Branco P., Portela C., Adão T. (eds) Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment. INTETAIN 2018. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, vol 273. Springer, Cham

Nikolic, P., Cheok, AD., (2019), Designing Behavioral Changes In Smart Cities Using Interactive Smart Space, Smart Technology Trends in Industrial and Business Management, pp. 367-383, Springer International Publishing.

Nikolic, PK., Yang, H., (2018). Designing Playful Cities: Audio-Visual Metaphors for New Urban Environment Experience, 5th International Conference Mobility IoT 2018, Guimarães, Portugal

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Abu Talib, R.I., Sunar, M.S., Nikolic, P., Ruzimi, M.,  (2018). Building Ecosystem to Support Social Mobility for Person with Disabilities (PWD): Malaysia Context, 5th International Conference Mobility IoT 2018, Guimarães, Portugal

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Nikolic, P., (2016). Interactive environments: Opportunities for social innovation and public health initiatives, The 11th International Conference on European Integration (2016) - Realities and Perspectives, EIRP Proceedings Vol 11, No 1/2016, Print ISSN: 2067 – 9211, Online ISSN: 2069 – 9344.

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Nikolic, P., (2014). Engagement Factors in Social Media Experience, European Journal of Applied Economics 2014 Supplement, p209-212 DOI: 10.15308/SInteZa-2014-209- 212. Publsher: Singidunum University.

Nikolic, P., (2013). Creative Experience in Interactive Environment, PhD thesis defended at the Belgrade University of Art. PhD Advisor professor Dr Stahl Stenslie, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Nikolic, P., (2012). Creating Meaning form Abstract Multi-Sensory Perception, IMAC2012 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2261.5128

Nikolic, P., & Russo, N., (2012). Crossing Sensory Boundaries with Creative Productions, 11th NORDCODE Conference, Helsinki, Finland. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2785.8007

Nikolic, P., (2011). Key Metric to Optimize User Behaviour, eMetrics Conference 2011, Stockholm, Sweden.


DADATAG VIRTUAL FACTORY (DTVTF) LTD.                                       April 2013 – Present
CEO / Chief Creative Officer
Digital consultancy and innovation agency with the focus on integrated communication campaigns development and innovative use of new media technologies. The agency made several products for its clients which improved their online campaign performance particular within social media environment and build a respectable reputation based on its wide strategy development and technology capacity. Recently the agency became fully oriented toward integration between physical and virtual space by using cross-platform design, wearable computers, augmented reality, physical interaction & mobility behavior and social media networks potentials.

EDUCONS UNIVERSITY, Novi Sad, Serbia                              June 2016 – November 2017
Dean of Faculty of Digital Production

Chief academic officer of the Faculty with primary responsibility for matters of academic policy and for the academic budget. New business development. Developing a budget for the administration of the Faculty which conforms and responsible for ensuring that the budget is expended in keeping with the general objectives towards which the budget was developed. Establishing and maintain links with other institutions and academic bodies, both international and national. Curriculum development and the initiation and development of new undergraduate and graduate programs in line with the University's overall programming objectives. Teaching methods, effectiveness and grading practices evaluation. Fostering and encouraging research within the Faculty.

EDUCONS UNIVERSITY, Novi Sad, Serbia                              December 2015 – June 2016
Programme Director

From the position of International Joint Master Degree in Integral Innovation Programme Director I have an opportunity to work on the programme development and execution with three other partner universities: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Mendel University in Brno, Danubius University in Galati. Part of my overall programme management duties are courses management, development and execution of the communication strategy, eTools development, implementation and maintenance management, partner’s relationship management. Throughout these activities I have managed to provide, and now to coordinate, for the University additional strategical partnerships such as with Danube Academic Consortium (DAC) and Adria Media Group (leading regional media and publishing corporation).

GREY GROUP & JWT, Düsseldorf, Germany                   January 2015 – September 2015
Global Digital Director / Chief Creative Digital Officer

Providing leadership, vision and define the strategic direction of the digital accounts within the company, liaising closely with the management of JWT/Grey & client teams and key client contacts, and offering digital knowledge and advice to other senior representatives. Working with the regional & local JWT/Grey Business Directors, develop a strategy for agency clients and delivering profitable digital growth opportunities for groundbreaking digital work for those clients (media & creative), and then take responsibility for owning every aspect of the delivery of those plans. Providing yearly development plans. Planning and developing creative solutions over multiple digital media channels with emphasize on interaction, interface and cross-platform design with high impact on user experience. Network management on local business, work effectively with regional offices to ensure alignment as well as building relationships with the wider JWT/Grey and WPP digital teams and managing opportunities into those groups where appropriate.

Relevant clients: Nestle, Unicredit Bank, Beko, Mazda, H&M, Mars.

OGILVY GROUP, Athens, Greece                                                                     2012 – 2015
Global Head of Digital / Chief Creative Digital Officer

Business development from the scratch, including: negotiations and closing deals, build up and lead all digital operations, business strategy and execution, digital consultancy, project management, communication strategies over different digital media channels, UX & UI design and creative directions, digital team recruiting and management, development of partnerships with regional industry players, setting up regional digital communications operations for 4 countries, expansion of existing client network.

In first 9 months, the Digital Department became one of the most profitable in the agency with 100% takeover of the existing agency clients and additional acquisitions of some of the top market player in their industries.
In 2013 social media campaign Coca-Cola 45 Years in Serbia had been rewarded with the Best PR online campaign with over 1.7 million votes. Complete project management and execution were done by Ogilvy Digital Team.
In 2014 Digital Department profit growth was 200%, in terms of performances it is fast growing unit in the agency with the capability to provide all digital communications services in-house with existing team of 7 people.
The department has developed two online platforms and offered them to the clients: firstly in the second quarter of 2013 and, secondly, in last quarter of 2014 to lower the prices of the digital services, to increase success performances and to provide highest clients satisfaction.

Relevant clients: Telenor, IBM, Credit Agricole Bank, Piraeus Bank, Unipol Group Italy, The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Sarantis, Boehringer Ingelheim. Molson Coors Europe.

GROUNDLINK, New York, USA                                                  March 2011 – August 2011
Global Head of Digital Marketing

Manage digital communication channels in order to generate new digital revenue generator. Recruitment, building competence and manage international marketing and web development teams. Development and implementation of marketing and online sales initiatives using email, SEM, SMM, display advertising, and promotions. eCommerce interaction design processes and procedures analysis and implementation to increase revenue. Execution of strategies and tactics to raise rates of customer acquisition, retention, and cross/up-selling. Weekly and monthly review of online media activities with recommendations for improvement based on best practices and trends. Educate, drive innovations and coordination between marketing, sales, and web development teams.

OGILVY- MATHER, Prague, Czech Republic                                                     2008 - 2011
Head of Data Insights

Digital media communication strategy development and execution. Underlying business objectives, data analysis with actionable recommendations. Visitor behavior analysis and based on that developing of the data-driven media strategies for different target groups of consumers. Online campaigns analysis and optimization. Managing online campaign tracking for banner ads, email marketing campaigns and search engine marketing. Finding opportunities and new digital business development.

In 2009 I have offered to the other Ogilvy offices Europe-wide performance digital media service based on actionable data recommendations overall digital channels. Within the period of 3 months, I have managed successful implementation of the service from the project management methodology, sale strategy, software and tools implementation, coordination between in-house and international teams in Ogilvy Hungary, Ogilvy Russia, and Ogilvy Germany offices.

Relevant projects and clients: KRAFT Foods, Czech Airlines, Vodafone CZ, Click4Sky, Hungarian Ministry of Tourism

YAHOO, Budapest, Hungary                                                                              2007 - 2008
Professional Services Consultant

Project Manager and consultant in a Digital Media Environment from strategy, visual identity design, interaction and interface design, content management, online marketing optimization, data analysis and interpretations, development of various online business models to SEO, SEM, online marketing campaigns planning - execution and web analytics. Special focus on rich media advertising, usability analysis and mobile marketing Best practices expertise, advanced deployment and customized end-user training services.

Relevant projects and clients: Olympus Europe, SAP, Telekom Austria, RTL Germany, Pricerunner, Jamba Worldwide, MKB Bank, ContetMetrics Germany, InFlow Denmark, WebRelate Scandinavia AB, FELD M GmbH Germany, Be Found Norway, Cyloop Mobile Argentina etc.

JADE PREMIER LIMITED, London, United Kingdom                                        2000 – 2005
Managing Director / Chief Creative Officer

Full-service digital media company offering a wide range of service from an online property and boat sale, online hotels, cars and villa rent thought web and application development. I was responsible for: online sales strategy and execution, affiliate programs management, negotiating and closing deals with direct clients and affiliates, lead all digital creative and communication efforts for client including online services conceptualization, visual design, interaction and interface design, search (paid and organic), display, analytics, emerging media. Act as a primary client contact by understanding client and affiliates goals and optimizing their online success through research and analysis. Ensure smooth execution and client satisfaction by streamlining internal processes and methodologies. Coordinate and manage external international teams and affiliates. Manage all facets of the campaigns and sales operations execution by overseeing the account management and digital media team.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams both internally and externally. Manage, review and analyze all clients facing deliverable.

CYPYUG, Larnaca, Cyprus                                                                               1999 – 2000
Creative Director

Creative directions, content strategic planning and organizing a wide range of communication activities. Realization of advertising solutions. Managing media promotions through effective website presentation, online campaigns, TV, radio, fairs, and company organized events in order to improve client network and achieve profit increase.